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Windows & macOS

Super Lightweight

App files < 1MB

Most Compatible

Support all Win/Mac computers manufactured in the last decade

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  • Windows 7 & later (8, 8.1, 10, 11; x64 & ARM)
  • macOS Catalina & later (Apple Silicon & Intel)
Super Lightweight
  • App file size < 1MB
  • Standalone & portable, no need to install
Most Compatible
  • Use the built-in browsers to render web pages
  • Core: Chromium Edge (Windows) & WebKit (macOS)
Highly Secure
  • HTTPS connections by default
  • Clean and whitelisted by major anti-virus softwares
  • Signed with widely trusted certificates on Win/Mac
Branded Icon
  • Use your own logo as the app icon
Exclusively for Your Site
  • Set the app to only open your own website
Ready to Distribute
  • Ship to your customers worldwide
via Email (Limited)
  • Permanent license for downloaded apps
  • Affordable one-time fee
$ 0
  • US$ 99 (Windows or macOS)
  • US$ 169 (Windows + macOS Bundle)

FAQ & Reminders

Why there's no 32-bit build of Windows version?

64-bit builds usually run faster than 32-bit ones. In addition, a survey of PassMark reported more than 99.7% of users are running a 64-bit build of Windows - giving only 0.3% on 32-bit Windows.

Windows OS Architecture Historical
You may need to update your anti-virus software

Once your PRO app is built, the copies will be sent to major anti-virus venders for testing and whitelisted before delivery. For detecting files accurately, most anti-virus softwares update themselves daily or even hourly to receive the latest definitions. In case your anti-virus software don't update itself, you may do it manually with the instructions below.

Microsoft Defender
PRO apps are non-refundable

Prior to purchasing for appSoda PRO app, please download one of the branded apps listed on section "Happy customers" for evaluation. Once the payment is accepted, the order will be neither cancelable nor refundable due to the following reasons. (1) Every PRO app will be started building and testing manually by staff after the order is placed. (2) PRO apps are delivered as digital files which can be used, distributed to other users immediately and do not require further activation. Also, they cannot be returned after downloading.

All apps are signed with widely trusted certificates

The code signing certificates for Windows apps were issued by Sectigo while the ones for macOS apps were issued by Apple.

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appSoda converted our web-based editor into an app. Now, customers launch our service in an easy and intuitive way, by tapping the icon on desktop.

Nico, Founder of Beiqilai

Happy Customers

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What you will get from PRO

  • Permanent license for purchased apps
  • Desktop app to open your website exclusively
  • Your logo is displayed as the app icon
  • Ready to ship to your customers worldwide
  • Plus all features in the free version
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Payment will be made secure with TLS 1.3 encryption.